Saturday, October 08, 2011


All for one, one for all... Is this still true today? I think it's more like one for all, one for one...
I do not owe anyone any explanation
Too bad...
Suckers :p
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Gangster contractors...

Somehow I found this post in a local property review blog damn funny LOL :D
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Monday, September 05, 2011

Guess what?

Came across this funny sign in johor. Any idea what its showing?
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

You just got pranked!

Me : hey dude, it’s really late
Fren : hey no its 1142
Me : u must be watching the after 12 movies hehehe * waiting to watch
Fren : no... i'm actually listening to a sermon i'm such an angel
Me : at night?
Fren : It puts me to sleep hehe
Me : ish (mayleng's face in total disbelief)
Fren : haha
Me : so got urself any latino chicks there?
Fren : nope
Me : when will u be back?
Fren : end of may. y din ping keith? he's offline
Me : yeah...where u staying?
Fren : san tierra….try calling keith la
Me : cannot la...
Fren : y?
Me : expensive
Fren : rm0.20 per min la. Common ur husband la
Me : he will be charged
Fren : oh.. but he already payed 4 it no point keeping d mins
Me : i dun get u, call which num?
Fren : hp, call la
Me : his malaysian HP?
Fren : no la his us #
Me : u mean this?
Don call as I will be charged. U can SMS my maxis number.
HP: 480xxxxxx

Fren : ya tat no. call la.. u'll be surprised
Me : surprised about wat?
Fren : jez call la then u'll know
Me : tell me first la
Fren : aiyo jez call la
Me : tell first!!
Fren : fine dont call
Me : u're always like that. Always have some cheeky agenda up your sleeves
Fren : :P
Me : seriously... frens should be nice towards each other, u r not that nice to me
Fren : i know i know. I'm a terrible guy
Me : the worse thing is u know it and yet u r happy being like that thats really a teriible character
Fren : sigh...i'll be nicer...
Me : if and when u become nicer...pigs can fly
Fren : tough love... but i would prefer some thing like 'yeah gerard, thats the spirit - i knew u had it in u, all along'
Me : (Mayleng's face in disbelief) sorry dude i'm a bit short on faith
Fren : haha u refer 2 urself from a 3rd person perspective..n pls dont be so formal la call me Mr G i hate it when girls call me dude
Me : yes miss
Fren : ahh name calling.... i miss my primary school days hehe okok. i'm joking, i wanted to pull a prank on u coz keith left his phone in my car thats y i wanted u to call his # sheeesh.... y don u jez play along
Me : haha prank failed...well ur pranking skills sucks i knew immediately that there was a hidden agenda
from the way u phrase your sentences
Fren : but my being a jerk skill still rocks
ya tat no.
call la.. u'll be surprised
if u left out the 2nd part i might have called
Fren : reallly? point taken
Me : cheeky fella....
Fren: saja kacau u

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comics with "real" jokes

Recently addicted to this comic site.....Really good jokes, which is pretty rare nowadays. I've added the site to my bloglink. You should check it out....totally worth it.
Below are some of my favourites....

Monday, June 28, 2010

The story of a stupid pool game...

One day, a girl named TML was hanging out with 2 guys named CBK and KCJS in church street pub...CBK and KCJS decided to play pool and they asked TML to play with them...but TML don't want because she doesnt know how to play pool. But they keep on insisting so TML gave in

TML partnered with CKJS againts CBK. TML told them she dont know how to play but they don't care. CKJS tried to teach TML how to play. He ask her to aim and hit the ball with the cue stick hard. TML aimed....adrenaline was rushing as she tried to score the ball. As the moment draws near, she hit the ball as hard as she could.

"POM" a loud sound was heard!

but the white ball was still in the same spot. There was no score!...but where did the sound come from?

TML's face turned pale...she was in pain. She had hit the pool table with her fist. Blood was spurting out and a piece of skin was seen dangling from her knuckles.

Moral of the story, pool is not a game for those with bad hand and brain coordination. Stupid game!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fiery Skies and Cool Waters

This picture was taken at Mar Vista apartments, with some funky post processing ideas i was trying out. Love it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I would like to share this picture that i came accross today. In today's world smaller is always better because it means we're more portable. I think its ironic that apple is actually expanding in size :) But anyway iPad is a hit! i wonder if iMat can sell as well?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Photoshop is so Fun

I ♥ playing around with photoshop.
I got this inspiration from Boogie's laptop wallpaper
Still far off from the professionals but its a step closer.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Pet Society

The game i've been playing for a's pretty addictive. In summary the game is about visiting your frens to just to get money to buy fabulous furnitures that make your house beautiful and envied by your frens...hehehe now that sounds wrong. Anywayz, after 1 year of painstaking fren hugging and visiting, this is the amount of junk i'm decorating my pet's house with...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Martin's Townhouse Memories

Hmm... I haven't blogged for such a long time. Somehow i'm busy with other stuff like being addicted to facebook games. And also there we a few wedding assignments that i was helping Keith..

So what's Martin's Townhouse Memories about? So here's the story. Martin's aunt lives in this old pre-war house, which is used as a operation center for sea cucumber production. The owner, which was renting them the house passed over his property to his sons and his son decided to sell it. In other words, they were evicting the tenants. So Martin invited Keith, Boogz and Me to take some shots of the place to keep as memory. We found really cool stuff that existed before we were the prewar radio and the hand painted food carrier...

Click here to view the album, enjoy!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Unproductive on Purpose

Well, ever since I started working I’ve grown to appreciate weekends a lot more. With the busy hectic life on weekdays, the weekends are never enough to rest and compensate for the weekdays. Firstly, there will be this list of important and unimportant to-dos (but most of the time none of them gets done). I’ll just laze the day away doing nothing – unproductive on purpose. And when it comes to end of Sunday, I find myself wishing I had one more day of weekend, sigh…

Today (Friday) happens to be a public holiday, which means I have a 3 day weekend! Just the thought of it puts me in a cheerful mood. I think it’s a combination of the long weekend, Thanksgiving and Christmas is just round the corner. I feel like prancing and dancing in joy hahaha…


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nikonian Academy

It's in been a while since i've posted anything on my blog.... Got lots of a big list of things to post up actually, but i never got to it... and now i've forgotten my list.... Haha i seem to have a bit of problem remembering things nowadays...must have caught the forgetful virus from Keith....

Today i'm posting up the photos i took in Nikonian Academy class. Have i mentioned? I won the free class from a lucky draw of 150 person! Never have i been so lucky in my life...hehe. I learned a lot from this class. I guess i just jumped straight into photography when i started, without learning the basic stuff. This class had helped me come to terms with all the basic know hows of the DLSR camera.
Check out the 2 albums (outdoor and studio) below by clicking on the image below....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Alyssa - Peranakan Mansion

After buying my SB600 flash, i realized that flash is damn essential for photography. Don't asked me how i survived so long without it for so long. I have no idea either. So this photoshoot session is modeled by Alyssa at the Peranakan Mansion at Church Street. Photo #8 is my favourite and photo #5 there seems to be a ray of light from above (i think it's so cool or maybe i'm a little sohai). So click the picture below to check out the pictures.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Water Baptism

Water baptism is a big event in one's life. Last Sunday, our friend Whinnie decided get herself baptised. All of us (Keith, Fiona, Nel, Boogz and I) attended to render our full support. I also took the opportunity to snap a few pictures and get it going again. I'm getting a little rusty at photography as i have not touched my cam for quite some time due to work and other stuff etc...

Water baptism is actually pretty here to check out the pics.